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Attorney: Rezoning makes good business sense
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I represent a developer of commercial real estate with substantial current business interests in Statesboro and surrounding communities. In that connection, my client has followed closely the application by the Parker Convenience Store Group for rezoning of the property on and near Fair Road and Herty Drive, as the decision of the City Council on the subject property will have a substantial long-term impact on the Fair Road Corridor, surrounding residents, my client, and, obviously, other developers. One example of similarly situated property which will garner strong interest is the parcel known as the "Benson" tract fronting on Fair Road and bounded by Georgia Avenue and Martha Lane.

My client is in full support of the rezone application. I write this letter to the Mayor, Councilmen, and to the readership of the Statesboro Herald to clearly express our desire that the rezone application be granted, and also to make it known to all that we will expect the same criteria to be applied to our future requests as are being applied in the present case, and that the Council's decisions on future applications be consistent with its decision in the present.

A reasonable, careful, and measured rezoning of appropriate parcels on Fair Road will make good business sense not only for the residents and business concerns around Fair Road, but also for Georgia Southern University, the City of Statesboro and its citizens, and Bulloch County.

I respectfully request that the City Council grant this and any and all other reasonable requests for rezones on the Fair Road Corridor, and that all such rezones be treated in the same manner, and evaluated under the same criteria, and that the Council Members make its decisions based on what makes good business sense for the residents of Statesboro, Georgia.

Thank you.

Yours very truly,
W. Keith McGowan, P.C.


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