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Boro Snapshot - Gas Boycott May 15
Snap Alison Brown
Alison Brown - Statesboro: "Because of the high gas prices, I will definitely not get gas on May 15." - photo by ARAINA REAVES/Staff

Boro Snap Boycott

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Every week the Statesboro Herald and ask a question of general interest. Look for the responses every Wednesday in Boro Snapshot.

Boro Snapshot is taped on Monday afternoons between 4:30 and 6. If you would like a chance to be featured on Boro Snapshot here are a few tips:
• Be at a heavily populated place such as Wal-Mart or the Statesboro Mall.
• Avoid being in or near a dense crowd.
• Make yourself available. Avoid being on a cellphone, etc.
• Be in a location with little background noise.
• Don't be shy!

This week's question:

"Because of the high gas prices, will you participate in the gas boycott on May 15 by not buying gas?"
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