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Dr. Kemp Mabry
Retired educators please stand up
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    Sunday, Nov. 5, is Retired Educators Day. Churches all over Georgia will be recognizing retired educators in their congregations.
    Originally, I think it was Retired Teachers Sunday but the name was changed to include others involved in educating children and youth.
    When the late Dr. Starr Miller was president of the Georgia Retired Teachers Association, he conducted a survey from which he learned that thousands of dollars worth of community service were rendered each year by retired teachers and other retired school personnel.
    Each year Bulloch Retired Educators give thousands of hours of their time to church and community service.
    The Bulloch Retired Teachers Association was organized in 1972 with 16 or 17 members. Now, the enrollment is 10 times that with around 165 members of the organization now called the Bulloch Retired Educators Association (BREA).
    Other retired educators belong to the state organization but are not able to participate in local meetings and activities. The BREA is an independent affiliate of the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA).
    The BREA meets six times a year for lunch at R.J.’s, with programs on health and safety, legislative affairs affecting them, programs of music and fun as well as an annual Memorial Service, with one visit to a school to renew acquaintances and learn advances in educational techniques.
    The late Dr. John Hulsey retired from Georgia Southern and was executive director of the GREA with office in Gainesville, Ga. John was not so much of a scholar as he was a “people person,” exactly what was needed to direct the state organization (GREA).
    The late Dr. Starr Miller served as president of the GREA and later was twice president of Brewton Parker College. Dr. Starr Miller had been dean of the School of Education at Georgia Southern for many years.
    Current officers of our BREA are: Danalyn Akins, president; John Karrh, president-elect; Dr. Lella Bonds and Gloria Boney, co-secretaries; Lorene Rigdon, treasurer; and Jerry Singletary, parliamentarian. Carolyn Mandes and Jerry Singletary are co-editors of the BREA Newsletter.
    Dr. Bill Sloan is executive director of the GREA with office in Gainesville, Ga.
    Georgia Retired Educators Day is Sunday, Nov. 5, coming earlier this year than usual.
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