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Monday Mouthoff, 1/28
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    The hottest thing going right now in Statesboro is those Lady Eagles of Georgia Southern. And I can’t say I didn’t tell you so. Hah!
    With GSU’s sixth straight win on Saturday, that pushes my record to 2-1 for the year. Back in the game baby!
    In case you missed it, a huge crowd — biggest I’ve ever seen — showed up Saturday for a full day of basketball. Over 4,000 pink-clad folks — funny how everyone can find the pink in their closet, but have a helluva time finding the blue — made Hanner one fun place to be.
The Ladies treated everyone to an edge-of-your-seat thriller, while the men — well, they won too.
    It’s good to see college basketball is alive and well again in Statesboro. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while.
    Now the Lady Eagles hit the road today against perennial powerhouse Chattanooga with a chance to prove they’re for real. I guess we’ll find out.

Brady Bowl ’08
    Many of you out there may be thinking those New York Football Giants stand a chance Sunday.
    Heck, they played a few weeks ago and Eli and the Gang almost sent the Pats to 15-1. The G-men’s pass rush is too strong. New England won’t be able to stop Brandon Jacobs. New York keeps winning on the road, and Sunday’s game is technically away from home. Lawrence Tynes got not one, not two, but three chances to beat Green Bay and finally came through. It must be destiny.
That was then, this is reality.
    Sure, Tom Brady has a boot on his foot. Sure, Eli Manning has been christened the greatest thing since Phil Simms. Sure, the media has forgotten about the NYC and focused solely on chasing Brady like he’s Brittany.
    None of this, any of this, matters.  
    The foot stuff — fake. Eli Manning — good, but not anything close to great. The paparazzi — all part of the maniacal Bill Belicheck’s plan to throw everyone of the scent. What scent? I don’t really know. But it all seems a little too fishy to me.
    So when it’s all said and done, after the once-great commercials turn horrible again, after Tom Petty is defibrillated on stage, after the Fox broadcast has become nauseating — the boys in Boston will be toasting another championship.
Take it from me: Fightin’ Brady’s 42, Sobbin’ Strahan’s 10.

Portal Pride
    The Panthers just keep on rolling — barely.
    The newly anointed Top Five boys’ team in Class A used a furious comeback to beat Savannah Country Day Saturday, and now have their sights set on a regular season region title. The only thing that stands in their way is rival Emanuel County Institute on Feb. 2 in Twin City.
    As Portal keeps climbing the rankings, we’ll begin to question how far this team can go in the state tournament. With David Buchannon and Mario Farris leading the way, fans better begin to realize a potential state champion right down the road in Portal.