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June 17 - From the looks of the police blotter, seems to me Splash in the Boro with all the mone
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From the looks of the ... police blotter, seems to me Splash in the Boro - with all the money they're bringin' in hand over fist - needs to hire some security to keep their patrons safe and their ... cars safe in the parkin' lot.

Hey, Mayor Oates, why does my Register water ... taste so strongly of chlorine that I can't drink it?

Register Town ... Council ... what's goin' on with the water? ... I can bleach my whites without even puttin' any bleach in 'em.

... It is really amazing how the state can afford to build a $37 million ... state-of-the-art building and cannot seem to find a budget to give ... salary increases and ... and not cut the budget. ... It's absurd.

Okay, it's time to help the farmers, who help us. Let's cut down our water uses some. ... Car washes, twice a day showers ... wherever you can conserve. ... Together, we can make a difference.

Newt Gingrich is a ... brilliant man. Why is he allowing his wife to disrupt ... and destroy his campaign for president?

I think the new Alltel store next to Olive Garden is opening this week. ... We should all go visit there.

As we celebrate Father's Day this comin' Sunday, let us not forget nor forsake our Heavenly Father, the Father of us all. ... Let us join together ... to pray for much needed rain. ... And may righteousness rain down and salvation spring forth also. ... May God bless America and thank you.

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