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August 18 - This is for the welfare recipient talkin' 'bout the men up under the tree at Luetta Mo
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... This is for the welfare recipient talkin' 'bout the men up under the tree at Luetta Moore Park ... on Martin Luther King Drive. ... Maybe if they get a job ... they won't have time to see who sittin' up under the tree. ... She's probably ... profittin' from the fruits of their labor that they worked so hard for ... and she's in the welfare line. So ... whoever it is ... just get your own self a job and don't worry about nobody else because those men, they don't bother anybody down there. ... And you have a blessed day.

... We were just wonderin' ... if it might be a good idea ... in public schools if maybe the people who are in charge, the administration, might ... come out of the offices and ... walk around and, you know, just ... kinda look and see if everything looks all right. ... Do you think that would be a good idea?

I did read Jen ... Gene Lyons' column on Friday, July the 2 ... 29th ... and it didn't enlighten me because ... his facts were wrong. ... Nancy Peloski was speaker of the house longer than he stated in his column. ... And both sides of the aisle gave George Bush full power to do what he did. ... 'Specially after 9-11. But my memory's not as short as Gene's ... and, you know ... our politicians are like two kids on a seesaw. ... One may be fatter than the otehr at times, but the... results the same. We're all getting shafted.

Whoever came up with a 45 mile an hour speed limit on Jerry Hall Road needs to have their head examined.

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