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State legislators: Dont forget about us in the middle
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      Some questions for our Georgia senators and representatives:
      We are perplexed at the House Bills HB 385-387 that attempt a consumption tax with no reduction of income taxes. Fair Tax/Flat Tax type tax increases only work if there is a decrease in the overall income tax.
      Many of us have seen large increases in our property taxes due to the elimination of the homestead exemption, leading us to wonder if we are being penalized for being homeowners. Many of the people in our group are struggling from paycheck to paycheck to pay bills and put food on the table. We implore the GA House and Senate to be mindful of those of us stuck in the middle.
      Remember the ones who work full time and still can't afford vacations, new cars, even new clothes and shoes regularly, due to standard monthly bills. Those bills, mind you, that include cell phones, television, electricit, and groceries, already costing us more due to rising fuel costs, and now, potentially taxed more as well. What happens to us then?
      We are the ones who drive to work and have seen an increase in fuel costs so great that it is literally costing us more to go to work. We ask you, where is one's incentive to succeed in this type of environment when no one will stand up and say, "Enough!"  
      Please, don't forget the middle, we are drowning.
      What tax cuts have been offered by this Republican legislature? We are sorry if there are great tax cuts being presented to encourage economic and job growth, we just simply haven't seen them.
      How will the purposed consumption taxes impact all levels fairly, as we predict that once it's passed, the welfare/food stamp allotments will be raised as well. Not only that, but Seniors will also feel the pressure on both counts, most own homes, and are on a monthly budget including groceries, phones and TV.
      You cannot tax or spend your way out of debt, and you can only strap the backs of your citizens for so long, before they will revolt.
Heather Merritt
Bulloch County Tea Party

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