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Let us study the water we are drinking
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       The more I hear about chemicals in our consumer products, the more I become frustrated.
       I do not know what is in this mound of inert landfill that is located in the back of our community in the prison yard. I have reason to believe it is toxic.
       I was delighted to hear about a great bill in congress that would protect the public from toxic chemicals, the Toxic Chemical Safety Act. I hope that the candidate who will be elected would support the safety Act, H.R. 5820, which would take the burden off consumers. Unfortunately, everyone has been touched by some sort of illness in his or her family.
       Health exposure to everyday chemicals may be contributing to the rise in prostate cancer, obesity; and learning disabilities continue to rise as time passes.
       And I say to all communities: get concerned about your surroundings and maybe we can eliminate the buddy check and kidney machines, also knee replacements.
       Let us study the water we are drinking.
Carrie D. Howard

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