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Boro man charged with arson, burglary
Algene Dickerson

            Three separate incidents landed a Pamela Way man in jail on several charges, said Bulloch County Sheriff's Capt. Todd Hutchens.

            Algene Dickerson, 40, Pamela Way, sold a mobile home to his cousin, but when his cousin was recently incarcerated, Dickerson decided to repossess the home, Hutchens said.

            But instead of taking proper measures, Dickerson took several items from the house, including major appliances, according to sheriff's incident reports. That racked up a burglary charge, Hutchens said.

            What Dickerson didn't want, he took outside and burned, he said. That resulted in a charge of third degree arson.

            When deputies took Dickerson into custody, they found cocaine as well, which led to an additional charge.

            Deputies also learned there were private warrants out for Dickerson regarding a vehicle for which he did not completely pay, he said. The car's owner took out warrants through the Bulloch County Magistrate Court. A warrant for a gas drive-off where Dickerson filled the vehicle up without paying netted him another private warrant for "driving away without rendering payment," according to Bulloch County arrest records.

            But there's more.

            Dickerson was arrested Jan. 9 for the burglary and arson charges as well a  the private warrants, , but "over the weekend," an investigation by Bulloch County Sheriff's Deputy Jared Akins and Statesboro Police detectives garnered Dickerson even more charges, Hutchens said.

            Dickerson was charged with two counts of theft by receiving stolen property  and two counts of theft by deception after taking a vehicle and trailer he knew were stolen.

            When he sold the items to an elderly man who owns a junk yard, he racked a charge of exploiting the elderly, he said.

            In addition to  that, Dickerson was also wanted for parole violation and state court probation violation, he said.

            Dickerson is being held in  the Bulloch County Jail without bond, according to jail records.

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