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Dr. Kemp Mabry
Stories from true world traveler
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    Bertie Mae Garrett has done it again. Her “Chug Chug Lady from Georgia” was the first. This second much larger book (603 pages) is entitled “Gathering Jewels.” Her niece, Carolyn Mandes, brought me this big book.
    About 20 years ago, I traveled to Dodge County to see Mrs. Garrett. She had been my Y-Club advisor at Dodge High School when I was YMCA executive secretary. I wanted her to come to Statesboro and tell about her vacation trips to far away places. We were trying to encourage people to plan ahead for retirement. She showed me a book shelf filled with journals of her travels and summer substitute work at foreign mission locations. I commented that she should write a book on her travels and experiences.
    She said that somebody else would have to write the book. Apparently, nobody did. So she produced two exciting accounts of her journeys to near and far away places.
    My favorite story is about her experience in Ethiopia at the Celebration of Emperor Haile Salassie’s birthday. At one point in her visit she had met the Emperor. This time he was seated under a canopy when it began to rain. He invited her to sit under the canopy!
    She really has been all over the world. She has been to British West Indies, India, China, Kenya, Korea, Russia and many other fascinating places. Read the book. It is published by Brentwood Press, Columbus, Ga.
    More next week.
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