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August 26 - To the caller that called in about Mr. Anderson speakin' up at the election. ... At the
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

To the caller that called in about Mr. Anderson speakin' up at the election. ... At the meeting, he did not say president. ... He did not say the citizens of California or any other county. He said the citizens of Bulloch County. That's how things get twisted. ... Stop tryin' to pick a fight ... and stop hatin'. Have a blessed day.

... A place to buy unethanol gas ... H's Food Mart .,.. on Highway 67 near the fairgrounds has unethanol ... gas for two-cycle engines and marine engines. There you go, buddy!

... To the individual looking for unethanol gas. ... H's, the Grapevine at H's on Highway 67 has unethanol gas.

... This is in response to the person looking for a filling station that has pure gasoline with no ethanol. Grady's Truck Stop out at exit 111 off of I-16. ... We have pure gasoline with no ethanol and we'll never have ethanol. Thank you!

If there were a Pulitzer Prize ... for Soundoff ... here is this century's winner: 'I saw a sign in a state park last week that said ... don't feed the animals. ... It will make them lazy and fat ... and they won't be able to fend for themselves. ... This sounds exactly what the Democratic Party is doin' to the poor.' P.S.: And they are doin' it ... with our money.

... I see on the news last night if you're a illegal alien ... some have filed and got as much as $46,000 in tax returns ... by cheating the system. ... But if you're an American citizen and you file your taxes ... legally and don't have to pay, somehow ... this is wrong. ... You people are messed up. ... And this is the Obama administration, the IRS that's allowin' this to happen. They're not prosecuting these illegal aliens. ... This is called redistribution of your ... tax money. You're gon' be in poverty soon, but, yet, Obama is so wonderful. ... Go figure! Bye.

With the country about to fall into a third-world dictatorship ... our dear leader and his minions ... are out on the street corners ... passing out ... birth control ... to poor women. ... My question is why do I have to help pay for them? ... Thank you.

Mitt Romney a job creator? ... Not really. The only jobs he's recently created is the army of accountants that count his money, help him hide his money offshore and avoid paying income taxes.

This business about the ... GSU faculty complaining is complete nonsense. ... All this complaining that the ... corporate model is leading to concerns about passing students. Anyone who's paying attention knows it's the taxpayers who are tired ... of seeing their education investments result in places like GSU, who can't graduate more than half of their students and taxpayers are fed up.

I wanted to say thank you to the ... candidates for the district attorney's race, the sheriff's race and the school board. ... Thank you for being willing to ... put forth your efforts to better our community when most of your fellow citizens couldn't be bothered to take the time to vote. Thank you. Job well done.

I would like to give a good atta-boy to the gentlemen that staff the recyclin' center on Cypress Lake Road. They're always courteous and friendly ... willin' to help you in anyway and keep the area neat. ... It is always nice to visit with them. Thank you for a job well done.

With the county paving several roads in Bulloch County, why can't they pave ... Emit Grove Church Road ... from Highway 67 ... to Brooklet-Denmark Road?

In response to the comments praising Chick-fil-A and the Boy Scouts ... for their unbridled homophobia ... your hate and bigotry are an embarrassment to your fellow Southern Christians.

... This is to the lady that found our mother's dog, JJ, and ... took such good care of 'im and ... got 'im back to her ... safely and sound. Thank you so much and ... it's good to know that there's still good people in the world and ... we really appreciate you. Thank you.

... So, Southeast Bulloch gets a new fieldhouse, huh? ... While Portal students have to suffer in that nasty, disgusting place ... that they call a fieldhouse. ... Wake up, Bulloch County. It's ... time to treat all of our students fairly.

America, I'm not going to stand by and listen to ... lies about Barack Obama. ... It was George Bush Jr. who devastated our economy. ... Obama pulled us out of a bleak situation ... and gave us hope in time of hopelessness. ... We were goin' down fast. ... Obama pulled us out of this.

Some fun facts about the oil industry. In one day, they make $342 million in profits ... pay $60,000 in salary to each CEO and spend $167,000 lobbying Congress. ... So much for the nonsense expressed in Soundoff they are oppressed and overtaxed.

"bout the Chick-fil-A thing. ... I'm a Christian and I stand against the choice to be gray ... gay. ... But also, you preachers and Christians ... should stand against adultry and fornication as much as the gays. ... We don't hear enough of this preached in my church. ... Preachers, are you afraid you will offend your members? ... We should love all people ... and show it! ... And stop talkin' about 'em. ... Thank you.

I hope Dr. Wilson, the new superintendent, knows there's more to ... being a superintendent than ... managing a bunch of numbers; that he is actually managing people, he and the board. It makes no sense ... for lunchroom workers and custodians to be furloughed for five days ... and have to pay all of their dental ... benefits. ... You already have taken away they uniforms. ... So, I guess you just want them workin' hard for low pay and bad teeth. Thank you.

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