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Tommy Palmer's Sports Comment - No matter what NFL says, it's not a strike
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Tommy Palmer

Tommy Palmer Comment 3-16-2011

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      The former National Football League Players Association members and owners of the NFL teams have a small problem to solve over the next few weeks; they need to agree on how to share $9 billion in available revenue for playing a game. I realize that it's a tough assignment, but someone has to do it. Up to this point in the negotiations, which have broken off, the owners and players are not playing well together in the professional football sandbox.
      Since the players association has disbanded in order to be able to file lawsuits in this little disagreement, and in return the owners have decided to lock the gates and doors to those same players at their respective facilities, I don't see a quick solution to this problem. Right now however, the division tally of the billions of dollars in question is, owners - $8 billion plus and the players --p less than $1 billion.
      All professional football fans need to remember a couple of important points when taking a look at this situation that exists, and one that could in reality cause the 2011 professional football season to be cancelled if an agreement is not reached. Point number one: this is not a strike it's just a minor disagreement over a lot of money that both groups feel they are entitled to a larger share of, and point number two: we as professional football fans are not really being considered in this matter.
      After all is said and done, we as fans only buy the tickets to the games, and spend outrageous amounts of money on select NFL television packages or to own our favorite team jerseys, helmets and related team merchandise.
      Am I still an NFL football fan? Yes I am. However, in the words of Jerry Glanville, a former Atlanta Falcons head coach when describing how long someone or something would last in the NFL, "not for long!"