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Monday Mouthoff 3/3
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    I can’t tell you how many times this past week someone has said, “You need to quit predicting the local teams to win.”
    Well excuuuuuuse me for trying to put a little excitement in the local sports scene. Pardon me for bringing a little attention to these hard working kids. Perhaps I should just stop making predictions overall… hmmm… says here I’m 4-7 after last week. Details.

The Portal to happiness
    My good friend and coworker Matt Yogus has a new catch phrase: “That was the best game I’ve ever seen.”
    Seems like every time Matthew returns from a Portal contest he’s quite adamant that the game he just watched was a Hoosiers-esque moment — and that we should all be jealous we weren’t there to see it. (Of course he doesn’t say that after the 30-point shellackings).
    I have to say I believe him after this past Friday. Terrell County erased Portal’s 20-point third quarter lead only to see David Buchannon sink a runner at the buzzer to send PHS to the Final Four.
    Luckily for Portal fans, I won’t make any predictions about the Panthers and how they’ll fair on Wednesday night in Macon. They don’t need any help — or lack thereof — from me.

You call that basketball?
    If you’re a Georgia Southern basketball fan, there’s really no reason to get upset at Saturday’s 89-69 loss to Davidson.
    I mean let’s all be honest with each other here. GSU tried their hardest and came up a little bit short.  Besides, did you honestly think Stephen Curry would have an off night? That would’ve required some sort of box-and-1 defense, or a slow-paced game in which you keep the ball out of his hands, or going at him on offense to try and get him into foul trouble. Silly fans.
    Even if Curry had been off, those kitty cats are pretty darn good. Just because it was Senior Night and Hanner Fieldhouse was packed and the Eagles had an opportunity to do something special and win over fans who may have never been to a game — could you expect a big win from this program?
    Plus those refs were just awful. Can’t say I blame the team for just rolling over once its best player fouls out. I’m sure Davidson would have played the same way if Curry had mysteriously been removed from the building.
    You have to remind yourself how grossly under-funded this program is. How the facilities are outdated behind even the weakest Southern Conference teams. How expecting anything more than the status-quo is down right ridiculous.
    Be happy with your 20-win seasons and wait for spring football.
    Prediction one: Eagles don’t make the NCAA tournament — again.

Talkin’ baseball
    Eight games later — five of which came against the ACC — those Diamond Eagles are right back at .500 (4-4). Not too shabby considering the pitching has been pretty erratic and Towson was more than a formidable opponent.
    This week will be another tough one, as GSU is at Bethune Cookman on Tuesday, then travels to East Carolina for games with Michigan, Pittsburgh and the aforementioned Purple Pirates.
    We knew coming in that pitching would be the weak point for GSU. If the Eagles can get any sort of consistency out of their rotation, they could be a dangerous team.
    Prediction two: Southern goes 3-1 this week and scores at least 40 runs. I won’t even try and guess how many runs the opposition will score.

Spring Training
    I try not to get excited over spring baseball. None of these games matter and none of these results will reflect anything that happens when the real season starts.
    But I couldn’t help feeling a little giddy about the Braves after watching them last week on ESPN. We all know pitching will make or break this team — but the middle of that lineup could be the best in the National League if everyone stays healthy.
    So I’ll be damned — I’m excited.