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Drug charge dismissed, Werts faces no more discipline
Shai Werts
Georgia Southern quarterback Shia Werts is shown in action against Appalachian State at Paulson Stadium in 2018.

A week after Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts was arrested in Saluda, S.C. on charges of speeding and possession of cocaine, the drug charge has been dropped by authorities and - per a statement by Georgia Southern athletic director Tom Kleinlein Friday morning - Werts will face no more disciplinary measures from the school.

"I have reviewed the incident and have spoken with Shai and Coach Lunsford and have determined that Shai will face no further suspension or disciplinary action," Kleinlein said. "The suspension he already completed will adequately serve as discipline for the currently pending misdemeanor speeding charge."

Werts was driving to Statesboro on July 31 when he was pulled over for speeding. During the stop. officers asked about a white substance on the hood of Werts' car. Werts claimed it was bird droppings, but a field drug testing kit appeared to show a positive result for cocaine. The positive result of that test is now uncertain and — due to none of the substance being found in the car or directly in Werts' possession — Saluda authorities felt that there were no sufficient grounds to pursue the charge of possession.

An interview conducted by WJCL with Werts' attorney, Townes Jones IV, revealed that the Saluda County solicitor general notified him Thursday afternoon about the intention to drop the drug charge. Additional comments by the solicitor general revealed that it is now the opinion of his office that there were no controlled substances on the vehicle.

Georgia Southern head coach Chad Lunsford will have further comments on the situation following Friday's practice and it is expected that Werts will be available to comment following Saturday morning's scrimmage at Paulson Stadium.