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Rockefellers attorney denies Calif. slaying link
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Law enforcement officials escort Clark Rockefeller, center in handcuffs, to a waiting vehicle on the tarmac at Logan International Airport Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2008, in Boston where he will face charges of kidnapping his daughter off a Boston street and fleeing to Baltimore. - photo by Associated Press
    BOSTON — An attorney for the father accused of snatching his 7-year-old daughter from a Boston street said Tuesday the man did not kidnap his own child and has no link to a California slaying.
    Clark Rockefeller was arraigned Tuesday in Boston Municipal Court after being flown back from Baltimore, where he was captured Saturday. He is charged with felony parental kidnapping, assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
    He was ordered held without bail. He didn’t speak to the judge during the hearing, though a court microphone caught him muttering ‘‘That’s not me’’ when a prosecutor mentioned an alias they attributed to him.
    Lawyer Stephen Hrones told reporters that Rockefeller is not guilty of abducting Reigh Boss during a supervised visit on July 27.
    ‘‘How could you kidnap your own daughter?’’ Hrones said. ‘‘He loves his daughter. Kidnapping doesn’t apply, it was his own kid.’’
    Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley said investigators are ‘‘stymied’’ in their attempts to figure out Rockefeller’s true identity. He has at least a half-dozen aliases and has told authorities he doesn’t remember his history.
    There is no indication Rockefeller is related to the famous family descended from Standard Oil billionaire John D. Rockefeller Sr., family members said.
    Hrones said Clark Rockefeller was his client’s legal name. He said he knew Rockefeller socially before Rockefeller hired him Tuesday, but he wouldn’t say how.
    Authorities have no record of anything involving Rockefeller before 1993. ‘‘Our experience tells us he’s more of a schemer than someone who has lost his memory,’’ Conley said after the arraignment.
    Hrones also denied a report in The Boston Globe that Rockefeller’s fingerprints may be linked to a slaying investigation in California. The Globe, citing two unnamed sources, said his fingerprints were linked to an out-of-state license application under a different name. The Globe says that name is on a list of people wanted in a homicide case in California.
    Conley refused to comment on the fingerprint report, and said it was out of his jurisdiction.

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