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You can get fit while you sit
Exercise class for those 50 years and older
Sit Fit meets twice a week at the Honey Bowen Building and provides a routine to help people stay fit for everyday tasks that become difficult as they age. - photo by Special

    The Statesboro-Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Department offers an adult program exercise class called Sit Fit. Sit Fit is an exercise class designed for individuals 50 years of age and older, although people of all age levels are welcome.
    The class is every Tuesday and Friday from 9:45–10:30 a.m. at the Honey Bowen Building at 1 Max Lockwood Dr.
    The class is free for members of the senior center. For non-members, each session is $2.
    Sit Fit enhances balance, flexibility and strength. It also improves heart rate, arthritis and joint pain and allows participants to engage in a positive social environment.
    The structure of the class is simple and permits individuals to adapt exercises easily to their specific needs and limitations. The class will start off sitting down and slowly move to standing exercises that involve free weights.
    The Sit Fit exercises help adults stay fit for everyday tasks such as sitting down, standing up and getting in and out of a car. Sit Fit also helps avoid and minimize the aches and pains that naturally come with age.
    People participate in Sit Fit for many different reasons. For Ms. Gail Wood, the class provides enjoyable company and challenging but fun exercises.
    Marion Doktor, a member of the Sit Fit class, says he participates “because I am 77 years old and want to be limber, and I enjoy the social hour.”
    Another class member, Ms. Elizabeth Smith, jokes, "I am 81 years old and I want to die jumping around."
    Sit Fit is twice a week for 45 minutes at the Honey Bowen Building. If you are in need of a beneficial low impact work-out, then this is the class for you.

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