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Who was Eric Pringle?
Neighbors said he appeared depressed, drank a lot, had a dog, but no one knew him
Eric pringle web
Eric Pringle is shown in a photo taken from his Facebook page.

Posts from the Facebook pages of shooting suspect Eric Pringle:

* People do some really strange things sometimes, however it is imperative that people understand (hope i ddnt mispll) - sometimes you have no choice but to take action...

* This life? No one to love you... Why? Because they cannot accept the ultimate truth that most things you have been brought to believe, hate, or not accept, are lies. I can't stand programming. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CHILDREN.

* Reflections of how a nation is going bad. Many plot to take over my business and plot to take me out. From threatening to have me arrested, to continuously setting me up to try to lock me up in prison or take my money and throw me out (HAHAHAHA - I don't think so, Homie don't play that), multiple attempts to kill me,... and now - using my own people no less... University System of Ga, General of Attorneys, and now nestled in the States' Burough of Intelligence, I am chillin in this safe house fighting every issue conceivable - from issues with Bisexuality, to Black-white issues, to the legalization of marijuana, to Baptists issues with same sex marriage... LOKI is one bad azz son of a gun, but I fight on. Sooner or later they gonna get it... Hopefully soon, cuz time's almost up! U MAY CONTROL THE PRESIDENT AND THE COMS, BUT U WILL NEVER CONTROL ME!betta getcha mind right. (And most people still think it's a game...) I am not a mason, and I am not gay, but u may as well say that's what u're makin me, LMFAO "Same ol G" but 10 times stronger

* It has come to my attention that free networking sites such as Adam 4 Adam and others have been used to OUT PEOPLE. This is not good! Only when u are ready. God don't make mistakes, so there's not reason to be ashamed of who you are...

* Really? did u think I would not learn on my own? TRUTH. U fear it... Ignorance is no longer protection - freak. Jesus said, "I am the way" I follow, u travel, they stay confused... August 1 at 4:50am

* Listed "Your Nobody Till Somebody Kills You" by slain rapper Biggie Smalls as a favorite song

      Investigators have not released the identity of the man who was killed after shooting a Statesboro police officer Wednesday night at Varsity Apartments, but neighbors identified him as Eric Pringle.
      Pringle was killed by Bulloch County Sheriff's Deputy Rey Rodriguez after he refused to relinquish his gun during a confrontation in some woods near the apartment complex minutes after he shot Officer Charles Brown.
      Witnesses said Pringle often sat alone on a picnic bench near his apartment, number 198, at Varsity Lodge. He would play his car stereo loudly, drink, and sometimes cry, according to several of his neighbors, some of whom asked to remain anonymous. And while some witnesses said he acted oddly at times, none said they knew him well, or knew anything about his background.
      Nicole Baril lives a few doors down from Pringle's apartment. "He was always alone," she said. "He would stand on his porch, listening to music, crying. He seemed depressed, always drinking."
      Baril said she was lying in bed when she heard shots fired around 9:47 p.m. Wednesday night.
      "I called 911 but they said they already had the call. Then I heard sirens and police told us to stay inside."
     Kathryn Sutton said Pringle just moved in a month earlier, and not many people really knew a great deal about him. "I never talked to him, but he played his music really loud."
      Beatrice Daniels said she didn't think anyone knew much about Pringle, who had only moved in a month before. She described him as well-dressed, but quiet. "He had a little white dog he walked."
      She said was watching "Meet the Browns" when she heard the commotion. At first, she heard two shots, then a few minutes later "All I heard was a riddle of bullets. From then on out it was cops everywhere."
      One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said he had experienced a "run-in" with Pringle about his loud music.   "The guy was very depressed. He (said he) had just got out of the military, and stood outside his apartment crying all the time."
      A couple of women walking their dog Thursday morning said the same as other neighbors - that Pringle was a loner. They mentioned his Facebook page and commented on odd videos found there.
      In videos on his page, Pringle talked about people "being after him" and said the Ku Klux Klan was "turning his people against him." He admitted in a video to being bisexual and having complications with others accepting it.
      One neighbor called Pringle a "self-made activist" who supported gay rights, talked a great deal about church, law enforcement and the KKK.
      Some of the cryptic comments fund on his Facebook page included "This life? No one to love you... Why? Because they cannot accept the ultimate truth that most things you have been brought to believe, hate, or not accept, are lies. I can't stand programming. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CHILDREN."
      And, "people do some really strange things sometimes, however it is imperative that people understand (hope i ddnt mispll) - sometimes you have no choice but to take action..."
      He also posted a YouTube video of the late rapper Biggie Smalls' "You're Nobody Until Somebody Kills You" and he had an aerial photo of Georgia Southern University posted on is page, with the Georgia Southern Museum site pinpointed.
      Fort Gordon in Augusta was listed on his Facebook page as one of his "likes," but authorities at the Army base could not immediately confirm if Pringle was a soldier stationed there.
      He also listed a link to his business,, where he sold name-brand purses, shoes, and automobile rims.
      Listed on Facebook as his favorite quotation, Pringle wrote "Confusion is not merely a state of mind, but a reality for so many...".
      Hanging from Pringle's door Thursday was an umbrella and a notice of complaint about noise from the Varsity Apartments manager. Through his window could be seen several tire rims and empty bottles of liquor. In his window sill a deck of cards, vitamins, mouthwash, two bottles of hand lotion and an empty wine glass were placed on the bottom. Taped to the window was a notice of a cruise "won by the Eric Pringle family."
      A neighbor who lived two doors down said Pringle changed what was in the window on a regular basis.
      "I think he was trying to say something with what he put there," he said. "But none of us could figure out what."
      Statesboro Police Commander J. R. Holloway expressed concern for Pringle and his family regarding the shooting. He said he is thankful Brown escaped serious harm, but "I have sympathy for the guy on the other side," he said.
       Many neighbors appeared shaken up after the shooting. Those who asked to remain anonymous said reasons included fear of retaliation or being targeted due to other crime in the area, such as recent burglaries.
      "I tell you, I was scared," Daniels said. "I didn't rest none last night."
      For some, the shooting was too much to accept.
      "I'm moving," Sutton said. "There is too much ruckus around here."

      Holli Deal Bragg may be reached at (912) 489-9414.
      Statesboro Herald editor James Healy contributed to this report.


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