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Taste for alligator lands local man in jail
Permit was needed, officials say
Timothy Lawrence Driggers

A man who shot alligators, butchered them to eat and took photos of the deed said he killed the gators because they were a nuisance.
Cpl. David Simms, of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, said Timothy Lawrence Driggers, 32, of Ben Grady Collins Road, shot several alligators in a pond in the Nevils-Groveland area because someone had complained about them.
The pond was on private land, and Driggers told Simms “he heard they were going to be shot anyway, so he shot them, brought them home and ate them,” Simms said.
Someone snapped photographs, and one of the pictures made its way to DNR officials, along with an anonymous tip, he said.
The photograph showed “a child holding a small, dead alligator, and there was evidence of it being butchered behind (the child),” Simms said.
Killing and eating alligators is against the law without a permit. Simms said Driggers took the alligators out of season and did not have a permit. Anyone hunting alligators in Georgia must apply for an alligator tag and must hunt the creatures in designated areas.
If an alligator poses an immediate threat, killing it in defense is acceptable, but anyone doing so should contact DNR agents, he said. If an alligator is a threat or nuisance, DNR can provide numbers to licensed trappers who will remove the alligators.
Driggers admitted knowing that killing and butchering alligators was illegal, but “he knew they would be shot and didn’t want to waste the meat,” Simms said.
The offense can carry a fine of between $500 and $1,000, and a sentence of hunting license suspension for two years and up to a year in jail, he said.
Driggers posted bond after being booked into the Bulloch County Jail and now faces court proceedings.

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