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Surge in violent crime on City Council agenda
7 homicides in Boro in 2020, plus 4 in rural Bulloch
W Mike Broadhead
Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead

Statesboro Police Chief Mike Broadhead is slated to present information to the mayor and council Tuesday morning on the recent “rise of violent crime,” especially homicides, in Statesboro.

His presentation and the elected officials’ discussion were already on the agenda for the 9 a.m. regular City Council meeting before the shooting death of Malcolm Jerome Steele at Morris Heights Apartments late Saturday.

“Mr. Steele was, unfortunately, our seventh homicide victim in 2020,” Broadhead said Monday. “I will be talking about each case individually to some degree at tomorrow's meeting.”

As he reported to the council at its previous meeting, some types of crimes have been trending downward in Statesboro for several years. Not even all types of violent crimes have increased this year.

“It has been a very strange year,” he added Monday, noting that aggravated assaults and robberies are “significantly down.”

But “shots fired” calls are “way up,” Broadhead said, and with two months to go in the year, the homicide count, seven, is highest in more than 10 years, at least. In fact, the most killings reported in Statesboro in any year of the past decade were four, he said based on his reviews of statistical reports.

The count of seven homicides does not include the four that have occurred in Bulloch County outside Statesboro during 2020.  The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office and GBI have investigated two homicides in the county rural area in the past two weeks, and suspects face murder charges in both cases.

So, Statesboro and the county together have seen 11 homicides this year, including three in the last half of October.

Also on the council agenda, among other things: “Open discussion on the need to hire additional police officers.”


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