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Statesboro High kicks off 2009 Homecoming Week on Monday
Grand opening ceremony for new school is Friday
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     Homecoming week starts Monday at Statesboro High. It’s a week filled with traditions first organized in the 1940’s. Over the years many ideas and activities have come and gone, including bonfires, city parades and formal dances. One tradition that remains is dress up days at the school.
     Each day during Homecoming week features a special student image challenge: Monday will be “Camouflage Day,; Tuesday will be “Decade Day,” Wednesday will be “Tacky Day,” Thursday will be “Dress Like a Teacher Day” and Friday will be “Blue & White Day.”
     Also, each class will decorate its hallways with a central theme: 9th Grade - Devilopoly; 10th Grade - Super Heroes; 11th Grade - The Godfather; and 12th Grade - The Devils Den. Judges will inspect the hallways and judge them on Monday and award points.
     Each homeroom class will earn points based on the number of its students who dress up. SHS cheerleaders will sell paper "Spirit Links" during the week, and points will be given for links purchased. The student class with the highest number of points overall will “own” the "SHS Spirit Stick" which is displayed in a special trophy case, along with a plaque that commemorates the class with the most points.
     The football team will face South Effingham in the Homecoming game Friday night and after the game many students and alumni will dress up and go out on the town to eat at their favorite hangouts. SHS principal Dr. Marty Waters said he was challenging local businesses and their employees to "Go Blue" on Homecoming Friday to impress returning Alumni with Statesboro High School spirit.
     There will be a “Grand Opening Celebration” of the new school on Friday at 5 p.m. to which everyone is invited. The opening ceremony in the new high school auditorium will feature a specially commissioned musical piece by Georgia Southern rofessor Dr. Michael Braz. After the ribbon cutting, there will be tours of the new facility beginning at 5:30.
     For those returning SHS alumni, there will be a special “Alumni Tent” set up near both ends of the stadium.  Each alumnus will be given a nametag to identify alumni status.
     After the “Homecoming Queen” is crowned during half time, SHS will acknowledge a number of special alumni, such as the oldest individual and the one that traveled the farthest. The SHS Gift Shop (open during the tour and football game) will have for sale items commemorating the grand opening.
     These will include photographic collage of all four Statesboro High Schools. The first SHS was a wooden structure built in 1901 on West Grady Street. Another structure, this one made of brick, was built next to the original building in 1922. The entire campus was moved across town, to Lester Road, where it still is today.
     There will also be SHS Homecoming T-shirts, and special Homecoming stationery, and even “Grand Opening Homecoming” bricks on sale. These specially inscribed bricks will cost $50 each, which will help pay for the new “Memorial Walk” from the SHS cafeteria to the student parking lot.

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