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Statesboro Herald's Grocery Grab
Contest winner will have 60 seconds to grab all she can at Kens IGA in Brooklet
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Angie McBride first read about the Statesboro Herald's "60-Second Grocery Grab" contest on June 8, the day it was announced in the paper.

The Grocery Grab offered readers a chance to pile all the groceries they can into a shopping cart in 60 seconds at Ken's IGA in Brooklet. Entry forms were printed in the newspaper about 20 times between June 8 and July 10. One form was picked each week during the five weeks of the contest, and the five lucky people selected will gather Saturday at Ken's, where one will be drawn as the winner of the 60-second grab.

A Brooklet resident, McBride is one of the five weekly winners. But that very first day, long before her form was selected, she said she began making a plan that would net her the most groceries if she won.

"I shop in Ken's all the time, but I went down to start making a map of where I would go in the store," she said. "Once I got picked, I've timed myself and have special shoes picked out. I came up with my own GPS for the items I want in the store. I call it my Grocery Positioning System!"

On Saturday at 11 a.m., McBride will be joined by fellow Brooklet residents Johnnie Pearl Tremble, Carolina Kiser and Clarisa Bohler, along with Janina Jones of Statesboro, at Ken's IGA on U.S. Highway 80 East in Brooklet. One member of that group will have 60 seconds to get as many groceries as possible.

The other four will receive $25 gift certificates from Ken's.

All five have one strategy for the Grab in common: They're heading to the meat section first.

"I got three kids, so I'm going to pack all the meat in the cart I can," Jones said. "I've made a scouting trip to the store, and I've got a plan."

Owner Ken NeSmith just completed a 6,000-square-foot expansion at his Brooklet store, including wider aisles and a much larger selection of frozen food and dairy products.

Once the winner is selected Saturday, she will go to the store entrance and pick a shopping cart. There will be a countdown to start ,and then she will have 60 seconds to pack as much into and under the cart as possible.

Kiser said she didn't think she had a chance to be in the running for the 60-second shopping spree.

"I figured why not give it a try," she said. "Outside of stocking up on meat, I'm not sure yet what I'll get. I know I won't try to get to all parts of the store."

This is the first time the Herald has run a grocery contest, according to operations manager Jim Healy.

"We really appreciate Ken's allowing us to use their store for the Grab," Healy said. "We thought this would be a popular contest, and we received almost 1,000 entries. It will be a lot of fun Saturday to see how much the winner can pack in her cart."


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