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September 6 - Noticed that among others, Georgia Tech's bein' hung out to dry by the NCAA, which t
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Noticed that ... among others, Georgia Tech's bein' hung out to dry by the NCAA, which they deserve. ... But, it is interesting to note that all the persons that were involved in that ... those violations have long been fired by Georgia tech ... long before the present basketball coach, long before the present football coach and so forth. ... So ... that part of article might have been on list, but ... omitted, but ... Tech did clean up its house as soon as they found out those guys were doin' ... doin' wrong. Anyway, thanks a lot. Bye!

... This is for all you college students that act like kids goin' around tearin' up mailboxes ... stop signs and names of road. Didn't your parents teach you right from wrong? You're gonna get caught and put in jail, so straighten up and ... act right. Thank you!

This is Saturday, August the 27th. Congratulations! You've done it again. The Sudoku ... puzzle answers do not ... match the puzzle ... to fill out. ... Thank you.

The Secret Service ordered ... the buses for the administration before the Republican presidential nominee. ... The bus was purchased from Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in Tennessee. ... The bus was designed by Canadian Coach manufacturer Prevost, but it was ordered from a company in America. Hemphill Brothers. Get your facts straight!

Since the department of transportation is reworking the intersection ... of Highways 46 and 67, it would be a great time to four-lane the 10 miles from the fairgrounds to I-16. Do you think we will ever see that happen?

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