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September 30 - I'm an old lady and I think the painted colorful eagle at the park is beautiful. ...
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I'm an old lady and I think the painted colorful eagle at the park is beautiful. ... I can appreciate the hard work, the artistic talent ... that was done to create it ... and again appreciate the work. Think it's beautiful.

I was just reading about the dangerous escapee from Candler County that ... enlarged a hole in the shower ... wall and escaped. That I understand, but what I don't understand was once he was outside the buildin' ... he used bolt cutters ... to escape the prison yard. Where did these bolt cutters from? Surely he didn't just have 'em in his back pocket. ... So ... where did the bolt cutters ... come from for him to get out of the yard?

... It's about 3:30 in the afternoon on Friday and I just witnessed two ... school buses almost cause a major pile-up on Highway 67. I don't know whose idea it is to stop in the middle of the four-lane highway and get kids to walk home, but that is absolutely absurd!

The Republican Party line is not against women. We have wives, mothers, daughters. ... And we're not against ... climate change ... when it's proven. ... But it's not proven. ... The only thing that ... changes is the ... seasons. And we're not against alternative energy, but not to the point that it causes our people to be poor ... in the pursuit of ... alternative energy. ... So ... please refrain from getting your information from MSNBC ... and actually talk to a Republican and see what they think. Instead of listening to president Obama ... and in that case Obama ... O ... Biden.

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