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September 29 - Statesboro Police Department could make a lotta money if they would just go around an
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Statesboro Police Department could make a lotta money if they would just go around and fine the people who parks in the handicap parkin' spots. ... I see it all the time in different stores people are parkin' in ... handicap parkin' spots and does not have ... no handicap sticker. ... So why don't they have a parking meter for Statesboro ... to ... issue tickets for that?

The Herald had a story in compact fluorescent light bulbs in Tuesday's paper. I switched to them a coupla years ago, but have learned that there's still no place you can get rid of bulbs that stop working. All of these bulbs have mercury in them ... and they are not ... the trash. But no one will take them. ... Another example of our government rushing to do something without planning for the effects of such action.

I just wanted to thank the Statesboro Herald ... for the article about Backpack Buddies. ... I'm thankful that we live ... in a place that we can turn to our local newspaper for local news that will make a difference in our own community. Thanks, Statesboro Herald.

Do clothes make the man? ... Put surgeon's clothes on a bum. Will you let him operate on you? ... Put pilot's clothes on a blind man. Will you let him fly the plane you're on? ... God doesn't judge you by the clothes you wear ... but by what's in your heart. ... What's in your heart today?

Who does the U.S. Postal Service lease the building from in Rocky Ford, Georgia?

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