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September 23 - I don't even know what a paved double-buggy road is. I said paved over buggy road
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I don't … even know what a paved double-buggy road is. … I said paved over buggy roads. Not even close. It's like politicians buyin' 'boats' with our tax dollars.

… I know … on Sinkhole Road there's been a few private parties goin' on. I was just wonderin' … is it illegal for a stripper to come to Bulloch County and have 20 or 30 cars come in the yard and play loud music half the night and strip? … Or … does Bulloch County need to get involved? If that's the case, I would like to know. Somebody please … let me know so I can contact someone. I have kids … that live next door while all this loud music's playin' and this woman is gettin' completely naked in front of men and probably women also … until one or two o'clock in the mornin'. … Please let know … because if that's not legal … then I will get the name and the person who's doin' it.

I read the Republican ideas for job creation this morning and it 'bout made me vommit. … They say if we will just do everything we can to help big business, they will create more jobs. … What utter hogwash! … That is exactly what we've been doing for years now and where are these jobs? … Either the Republicans are dumb as a box of rocks or they are purposely making sure the economy stays awful so they can defeat Obama.

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