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September 22 - Want to know how Evans County honors its veterans? Next time you're in Claxton chec
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Want to know how Evans County honors its veterans? Next time you're in Claxton ... check out toe so-called upkeep of Bacon Ford Park on MLK Drive ... and you'll see how Evans County honors the two veterans whose name the park bears.

I recently donated to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation and I have some thoughts on why such a group has emerged. High-fructose corn syrup is in so many products. Kids are over-exposed. HSCS is linked to diabetes, causes liver damage and aids in the proliferation of cancer. Reject products containing it and perhaps we'll see less cases ... of diabetes and other diet-related illnesses.

How is it that ... with the scorchin' summers south Georgia is known for one park in Claxton has an outdoor basketball court and closes promptly at 6 p.m. ... just when the heat would be coolin' off? ... But the other park gets to stay open til 10 p.m. ... and has a indoor basketball court. Sounds like a double standard.

I am an independent voter ... but I surely do not wanna man as my governor ... who cannot manage his own finances. ... How can such a person who is so inept ... be expected to run the state ... and its budget?

I wonder if Roy Barnes thinks he's really hurtin' Mr. Deal bringin' out all these things about his personal business. I think it just shows a personal side of ... of Mr. Deal. He's in it just like the rest of us are in it. ... And we all want to help our children and I bet if they checked into Mr. Barnes' past, he might have a few things that wasn't up to date, too. All he's doin' is insurin' more votes for Mr. Deal. Keep it up, Mr. Barnes.

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