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September 22 - This is response to the no gifts at wedding. You can't get angry because people did
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This is response to the no gifts at wedding. ... You can't get angry because people didn't bring gifts to your daughter's wedding. She wasn't worried about it at all. She was concerned about getting to the reception ... to add more pounds onto the 400 pounds she's already wearing.

Holli's column in the Wednesday's paper is ridiculous! She spends most of the time speakin' about how she has formed her opinion and, in fact, she states ... on how she formed her opinion and then in the end, she tells us that she is not ... doesn't have an opinion. ... Who is she's tryin' to convince? Us or herself?

... I was callin' the Herald to find out why ... is it that a black person, the only way they can get ... on the front page of the newspaper is doin' wrong. ... We have Commander Holloway ... 31 years of service ... on the third page. ... Knowin' ... you see the small ... ad they got in the paper concernin' his retirement. I think that's an injustice.

Me, as a citizen of Bulloch County, I would like to see one of our law enforcement officers or the sheriff ... do a thing in your article which is ... 'Ask the Expert'. That way, everybody in Bulloch County will know what exactly it is that they need to do when they come across a problem ... or ... anything like that. Legal questions. We oughtta be able to ask our ... sheriff's department since everybody else like heatin' and air and dental and stuff like that. They're ... they don't have a problem with tellin' us answers to our questions. ... Why don't we have a Bulloch County officer ... or an official ... on 'Ask the Experts'? ... Thank you. Good-bye!

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