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September 20 - ... Byron York said in his column Sunday that the Republicans should attack Obama on
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... Byron York said in his column Sunday that the Republicans should attack Obama on the unemployment rate. ... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. ... In the last two years, Obama has tried over and over to get legislation passed that would create jobs. ... Every time he tried, the Republicans in congress have blocked the bill. ... Meanwhile, they have proposed absolutely no job-creating legislation of their own. ... I guess Mr. York must think we have short memories.

When reading the police report, I keep seeing where people have been banned from, say Walmart ... or from Rude Rudy's or being banned from Georgia Southern University. ... How does one go about banning someone? ... The ... is that a legal document? Do you go to court? Do you just tell 'em not to come back? Would somebody please answer this 'cause I keep seein' it in the paper and I just would like to know what's goin' on ... and how people get banned from here and there and the other ... and what they have to do in order to get banned. ... Do they just piss somebody off or, you know, do they commit a crime? I really would like to know. Thank you so much. Bye-bye!

I don't understand all the criticism about Romney's wealth. So what? ... What does that have to do with running the country? ... There have been other wealthy presidents. John F. Kennedy, to name one. ... I am more concerned about what the government is doing with my money. I am tired of my hard-earned money being given to those ... that have never done anything except walk to the mailbox to collect a government check.

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