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September 17 - This we have a bunch of drunk at this park drunks at this park across from Sherif
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This ... we have a bunch of drunk at this park ... drunks at this park across from Sheriff Lee's house on 80 ... Highway 80 East, that drives drunk goin' back and forth to Po-Jo's on Highway 80. The sheriff should be on ... on ... out ... be out here this way at night.

I keep seeing all the foreclosures in the paper. ... Can someone please explain how it is ... that Bulloch County escaped the housing problems elsewhere ... as the tax assessor's office claims?

I quit worry about being called a racist many years ago when I realized that just as much, if not more, racism comes from the other side. I know that's not politically correct ... just the truth. And I will vote for whoever I wanna vote for. Thank you.

The ad in the paper says, 'Free: three black kittens. Just in time for Halloween.' Excuse me? ... What're we gon' use them for? ... Bow and arrow practice?

Dear Mr. Silver Dodge Ram with your special rims. I don't know what the point of havin' a four by four is if you're afraid of some little speed bumps. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

I attended the 911 memorial service at Bulloch Memorial Gardens on Sunday afternoon. The entire program was very honorable ... and performed with dignity. The firefighter that sang The National Anthem did an exceptional job. The words were clear. His voice was beautiful ... and you could tell his heart was definitely in the performance. To the firefighters and everyone that had a part in the service, thanks again for reassurin' us that I'm proud to be an American.

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