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September 16 - The person who called defendin' the guy who the cat doesn't know anything about cat
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The person who called defendin' the guy who the cat ... doesn't know anything about cats. ... The cat owner said the cat sneaked out and she didn't re ... see it, but it was typical of cat behavior. I also have stray cats and one or two hand claps or a piece of newspaper sends them runnin'. ... He said he thought he shot a black cat or an armadillo. He wasn't protectin' his family from small Whitey. He was havin' fun at the cat's expense. ... And he should be the one paying the vet bill. By the way, thank God for all the support Whitey has received.

That Soundoff ... that Soundoff tryin' to ... defend the yay-hoo that shot that poor little cat in the head and left it to die ... was the biggest crock I've ever read in any newspaper. ... Let's all hope and pray that some little dog duhn't accidentally wander into that guy's yard.

Obama is trying to force another spending bill through congress. As usual, he is offering no way to pay for it. He said we must stop the political circus. Well, that clown is trying to destroy the financial strength of this country.

I've just read the sports page in the Saturday edition ... of the Statesboro Herald. ... Football and racin' aren't the only sports. I was disappointed that no baseball scores or standins ... were ... in the paper. ... I'm a baseball fan.

I would like to know is it necessary for the Statesboro Police Department to throw kids on the ground at the football game and arrest them and they are there to support the Blue Devils?

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