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September 11 - ... Well, the first two days of classes at Georgia Southern University have ... pro
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... Well, the first two days of classes at Georgia Southern University have ... proven that Fair Road is not ... capable of handling the traffic. The traffic is beyond bad. ... And, Mr. City Engineer, ... if you think that new ... apartment development on 67 ... south of the bypass ... can add ... two entrances to Route ... to 67, you are wrong ... Mister. You are really, really ... wrong. ... That is gonna be beyond gridlock. How 'bout gettin' your act in order?

Yes, I'm guilty. ... I work at King Finishing ... and I am very sick of Riverkeeper. ... If they'll look at the facts ... maybe it was caused by something ... King was putting in the river. But nothing was going in that river ... that was not allowed ... by ... the federal government. Have a good day.

... As far as the ... shooting at the club recently ... I really don't think that it had anything to do with the police not showing up ... during ... getting rid of the ... crowd. ... I don't think it was the gun. I don't think it was the crowds. ... I really think that it was probably the person that chose to shoot the other person. ... I believe it's their fault, if I'm not mistaken, and no one else's. ... They choose ... chose to murder someone. No one else is to blame but that person.

Now that Paul Ryan has rejected Iran, it is clear that Ryan and Romney are two peas in a pod. ... Both are consummate flip-floppers ... who don't really believe in anything.

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