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September 1 - ... I was recently sufferin' ... severely with the tooth ache. The fillin' fell out.
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. I was recently sufferin' ... severely with the tooth ache. The fillin' fell out. ... I was just beside myself. So, I was prayin' and ... I went and brushed my teeth with just ... bakin' soda ... bakin' soda. ... The pain stopped ... and if anybody out there is goin' through that, try bakin' soda.

Well, I hope everybody is happy. ... They got what they wanted. ... King America ... Finishin' ... Inc. has reduced its production to four days a week. ... It's just a matter of time. ... Thank you.

Thank you, Lynn Anderson and the sheriff's department ... for putting a traffic ... policeman or sheriff ... by the ... Stilson Elementary School to slow everybody down to the ... speed limit. Thank you very much for doin' that ... caring. Thank you.

This is directed to the little dark-haired girl ... in the maroon SUV holding the puppy ... out the window of the SUV as you turned off of the bypass onto Highway 80. ... I know what you look like and if I see you ... or any adult that is with you, I'm gonna smack you in the back of the head for holdin' that puppy out the window. ... That's very, very wrong. You should not do things like that.

Delete - Merge UpA Soundoff writer tries to blame Democrats ... for the home foreclosures in the area. ... What have our local Republican representatives done about it? Why do Republicans keep voting down jobs bills in Congress ... and vote to give tax incentives to companies ... that send jobs overseas?

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