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October 1 - This in regards to the fire at Stilson Elementary School last week. First off, I wou
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... This in regards to the fire at Stilson Elementary School last week. ... First off, I would like to thank the ... custodial staff for doin' such a wonderful job and havin' such a calm head ... in the situation. The ... my children ... told me how much that Mr. Jones had done to ... help the situation and ... number two ... maybe if they changed the air conditioner filters ... they won't have this problem.

The TEA Party shows loud and clear what is needed for this country. ... That is why the thieving politicians ... and their paid-off minions ... hate them so much. The TEA Party represents the dismantling of the current corrupt system. Long live the TEA Party.

Hi, fellow Statesboro-ites. ... Don't you read ... health department's restaurant reports in the paper? ... You are frequenting some of the nastiest, dirtiest places. ... I just don't understand it.

Wow! Now that the state of Georgia has successfully executed another minority, at what point will Americans decide to reform the American criminal justice system? We love you, Troy. God bless your family. Shame on the racists who fabricated this document.

Work at night ... and every night ... when I get off work ... 1, 2, 3 a.m. in the mornin' ... I ride by the courthouse ... and there's broken sprinkler heads. ... They're sprayin' water out like a fire hose all over the sidewalk, while waterin' the sidewalk. ... There's a drought ... water table's low on water. They're pumpin' this water out from the city ... and ... just spreadin' it all over the sidewalk. Come on. ... City of Statesboro, get wit the program. Fix your sprinkler heads ... and don't water the sidewalks anymore. It's utter waste!

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