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May 8 - It's pretty pathetic when a grown man over the age of 50 moves back in with mom and dad and
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It's pretty pathetic when a grown man over the age of 50 moves back in with mom and dad and expects them to support him fully. ... All the while doing nuthin' for himself. Unwillin' to work and unable to hold a job. Constantly beggin' for money. Spends half your days asleep in the bed doin' nuthin'. And the rest of your day ridin' the roads gettin' drunk. ... Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Yes, I'm black and I saw the paper last Thursday with the deadbeat dads on it ... and it's nuthin' racist about that. If you're a deadbeat dad, you're a deadbeat dad, whether you're black or white or Mexican or Asian. Take care of your kids. Stop worrying about petty issues that just does not make sense! Take care of your kids. Then your picture won't be on the front of the paper!

For the Georgia State Patrol officer who pulled me over ... when I was not feelin' well ... and ... gave me a ... warnin', thank you ... for stoppin' me. I ... I was goin' a little bit fast over the speed limit ... and I have kids on the road. ... If I'm speedin' again, stop me. Thank you.

Cutting teachers' jobs and pay in Chatham County and Bulloch County ... is ridiculous. What needs to be done ... is do away with assistant principals. ... Cut the pay of the higher ups, not the people that are teaching our children.

Bin Laden dead? No body's been seen ... buried at sea. Yeah, right. No pictures. Sounds like a ... reelection ploy to me.

... If all the crazies out there wanna give Obama all the credit for ... takin' out ... bin Laden ... then I guess they gotta realize that ... the reason their gas prices are so high ... is because of Obama. God Lord! Get a clue! Hello!

The weather this weekend would be perfect for graduation. For some reason, Georgia Southern decided to push it back a week and it will be hot and sticky by then. ... For a bunch of highly-educated people, they sure can make some dumb decisions.

Let me get this straight. ... Because Holli ... may have had septic tank rights, she thought she could fence in ... someone else's property and keep horses on it. ... I hope I'm on the hurry.

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