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May 7 - Who cares if bin Laden was armed or not when he got shot? This is to Pakistan. N
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... Who cares if bin Laden was armed or not when he got shot? ... This is to Pakistan. Nobody cares because ... 9/11, those people there, they were not armed either. ... They were not armed either. ... So, we do not care.

Statesboro Mill Creek park, always cuttin' grass all the time. Can never play baseball on the field. ... Very annoying.

The county planted that grass in the ditches on Jerry Hall Road! When are they gone come cut it and make it look decent!? ... Looks like crap!

This is to the people that keep complainin' about gas costs more at one gas station compared to another. It all has to do with supply an demand. ... Bread doesn't cost the same amount at the convenience stores it does at Bi-Lo or Wal-Mart. ... It's all about convenience ... and how bad you wanna drive the other side of town to get it. ... Nobody ever complained about the price of bread.

This is to the person talkin' about the deadbeat dads and whether it's race or not. And ... people livin' on welfare and havin' babies on welfare ... unfortunately it's all too common. Two-thirds of the babies in this ... state are born on welfare ... on Medicaid. ... That's a dang shame.

... Obama should congratulate ... Donald Trump for what he did ... and thank him. ... He was able to put to rest two years of conspiracy theory about his birth certificate. ... Now it's finally solved and people can get on to more important things. ... Thank you, Mr. Trump.

What difference does it make whether bin laden was armed or not? ... The thousands of innocent American civilians whose death he ordered were not armed either.

It's funny. When Obama was a senator and George Bush was president, no photograph or words were too graphic ... or too dangerous to our troops as long as it made "W" - as they so loved to call him - look bad. Thanks and God bless.

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