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May 6 - If Phil Boyum has the budget projections for next year, why can't he report the truth? H
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If Phil Boyum has the budget ... projections for next year, why can't he report the truth? ... He knew that there was gonna be a tax increase. The budget projections ... said that they assumed there would be a ... a bu ... a tax increase. ... And he knew there was gonna be a 5 percent increase on water and sewer. Haven't seen that in his articles. He seems unable to tell the truth against the city council he's so closely aligned with.

I still cannot understand why our city would pay ... twice what a piece of property was worth - at least twice - what a piece of property's, especially when one of our councilmen ... is a ... is a real estate appraiser. ... We'll ... take a good look at that.

I know you prob'ly won't print this, but those of us that are handicap and tryin' to drive downtown is really a bear! If they don't quit messin' around so those of us that are handicap can partake of downtown services, we're gonna boycott it! Now put that in your Keep Bulloch Beautiful!

Rocky Ford must have some bad people coming through town. The police have road checks every week. Can the taxpayers of Rocky Ford afford this? You don't see this in other towns.

I don't have a problem with the Mexicans ... bein' here illegally. I have a problem with the Tea Party ... and the ... Republicans.

We're just leavin' the Tim McGraw concert at Georgia Southern. We paid $20 ... to park ... near the field ... on the grass so we could tailgate ... and while our vehicle was there, everything that we own was stolen out of the back of the truck by some ... punks who decided that ... we didn't ... fairly pay enough money for it, that they deserved it more than we did.

Oh my gosh! This is for the blue and white Charger ... that patrols a certain low-income housin' apartment. We see you ... and shame on you.

Saw on the news where Obammy's ... sendin' some of his cabinet people to Louisiana to help with the big oil spill. What's the matter with the man? Duhn't he know that all those type people do is get in the way? They're 'bout as useful as snow shoes in hell?

Your beautiful daughter is graduating from high school. You are in denial about her drug problem. If you don't get her help, the next big event will be her funeral. Can you live with that? She can't. Yes, I'm talkin' to you.

This is for the person who claimed ... the person stating a deacon got slapped in church. Well, I think the lady who slapped him needs to clean her heart out ... and get your demon of anger cast out along with other issues. ... Church is not a ... place for such behavior.

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