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May 4 - I was just wonderin' if the economy is in such a bad mess why would you cut education? I r
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I was just wonderin' if the economy is in such a bad mess ... why would you cut education? I read the paper today about pre-k. ... Studies have already shown that kids that attend pre-k are less likely to quit school. So when is people gonna wake up? We don't need anymore dumb adults!

This is for the person that's mad about the ... council member gerrymanderin' the districts. ... Well, listen. Get over it! That's like askin' a dog to quit chasin' after a cat. ... A dog is gonna be the dog ... and a Statesboro City Council member is gon' be a Statesboro City Council member.

To all those that watched the wedding ... royal wedding ... and ... we can all have that never-ending, happily ever after story in the Kingdom of God. May God bless America ... and thank you.

Okay, gas is $3.68 a gallon at Parker's ... on 80 West goin' towards Savannah and it's just past ... little ways past Brooklet. Okay. It's 20 cents difference. ... Go figure!

On the front page of Sunday's paper ... a ... a con ... one of our ... council members were sayin' that ... that plan on the Sunday sales comin' up before council where members can vote up or down that ... putting it on a ballot. ... Nathan Deal signed that into law ... so that we, the people, could decide. So, if something happens and this bill does not go to where ... us voters can vote for it, there's definitely somethin's wrong with our city. You're not God. Let us vote. Let us decide.

I knew as soon as I saw the pictures on the front page of the paper with the deadbeat dads that someone would turn it into a race thing. ... You need to just stop and realize what the situation at hand is. ... It's who's not paying. ... It's not about race. ... Or maybe it is. Stop havin' babies and livin' on welfare and do what you're s'posed to do.

Now that Donald Trump has gotten to the bottom of Obama's ... birth certificate mystery ... now maybe he can figure out ... if the Holocaust is real ... and who really stole the Statesboro ... Herald newspapers from the newspaper box. ... Find a real issue, Mr. Trump.

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