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May 24 - So, now France has a socialist president, too.
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So, now France has a socialist president, too.

Well, you don't see an oranges on a grapefruit tree. You don't see apples on a banana tree. ... You don't see plums on a cherry tree. ... And that's why North Carolina ... did an amendment on that same ... marriage between the same sexes. ... They knew what they were doin'. It ain't natural. It's unnatural. Wake up. ... It looks terrible.

I would like to thank the Bulloch Bassmasters and all of their sponsors for the wonderful youth fishing tournament they put on at ... Mill Creek Park. It was an exceptional job. All the children had a wonderful time ... and they really need our thanks for all the support they give our youth and our community. ... Thanks again and keep up the good work. God bless you.

The story about the fire on Zetterower mentioned the apartment tenants and how people are helping them. ... What about Teresa? ... Her equipment was destroyed and that was her livelihood. I'd like to know how we, her customers, can help her.

Okay, people, if you have a mind at all, any brain at all up there ... and you can't look at a man and a woman and tell that by design they are made to fit together like pieces of a puzzle - not man to man, not woman to woman, but man and woman - then you are really hurting. ... And if you support politicians that support same-sex marriages, there's no hope for you.

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