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May 20 - Why did you drop the river stages? We fish'men need the river stages. We are grateful
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Why did you drop the river stages? We fish'men ... need ... the river stages. We are ... grateful if you would put it back in the paper. You had it in once and you dropped it. Please give us the river stages. Thank you.

My husband constantly criticizes the Statesboro Herald for ... not publish ... not publishing the river stages. ... Please publish the river stages! This man needs to get out of the house! Thank you!

Y'all, be careful ... 'cause people is goin' around stealin' stuff outta people cars and stuff and tryin' to ... give it to other people and tryin' to set people up ... to get somethin' on their record. ... I'm goin' to see a judge this mornin' ... that told somebody ... that they have the law on they side. They feel like they do anythang and the law gone protect 'em. I'm goin' and ... to talk to him this mornin'. ... He better call her in his office and straighten her out.

It does my heart good to see morons who are driving and texting finally getting tickets. They oughtta take away the damn driver's license and confiscate their cars for stupidity.

... I'm callin' in reference to the ad ... to the Soundoff from the Sunday paper ... about ... people that love Obama, so much about the prices of gas bein' high. ... Well, what about when Bush was in office? The gas was high then ... for all you ... Bush lovers. Get over it! Have a nice day.

I'm responding to the nut ... that said that O ... 'bama drug his feet on ... the bin Laden situation. George Bush had seven years. ... I think ... Obama did a great ... job, a terrific job and is doing a great, terrific job. Thank you very much and have a ... great day.

To the caller asking what to tell her first grader about school bus behavior: tell him unfortunately, the board of education doesn't care any more about providing a safe environment on the buses than a lot of their bus drivers do. ... And, if your child has the misfortune of being accosted on a bus, you don't even have a right to see the tape of the incident due to other children's privacy issues.

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