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May 2 - Would you please do me a favor in the future and not put a ... picture of Obama next to a st
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Would you please do me a favor in the future and not put a ... picture of Obama next to a story about being happy? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I enjoyed readin' the article about the ... fishin' rodeo at Robbins' pond. ... I would like to know why no locals participated. ... Thank you. Bye.

Regarding the lead entry in Soundoff from April 18th ... people need to understand that America is not a democracy. It is a representative republic. And that's important ... in that you think it's democracy. ... It's just mob rule. We elect these people to do a job. And that's what counts. Vote for the correct people ... and you'll get a good result. ... Vote for your own goodies ... and you get chaos.

The devil has introduced so many different Bibles until there is so much confusion ... in the land. Our children and grandchildren are ... are the ones who will really ... suffer. ... This ... nation is in great real trouble because it ... has forsaken the ... Word of God. Who would ever have believed ... that it would one day be wrong to read the Bible and pray in our public schools? But long before prayer ... and Bible reading was taken ... out of our schools, it was taken out of our homes. ... We, the parents, have allowed the devil to rob us of our real heritage from the Lord. ... Thank you

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