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May 19 - Attention, Bulloch County parents. Our board of education claims that there is not a head l
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Attention, Bulloch County parents. Our board of education claims that there is not a head lice issue in our school system. ... They keep the kids at school who are hatchin' ... the ... actually the eggs, the bugs, and sendin' home the kids with a bug ... because head lice loves clean hair and pores until they bed their eggs and then they move on. ... They claim that there is not an issue at any of the Bulloch County School System. But it's in the elementary and it's in the middle school. ... Please, parents, respond to this to show Bulloch County that they have a serious problem in our school system. Thank you so much.

To whoever owns the black and tan husky-lookin' dog that runs around in Leefield. I will be calling animal control Monday. I am tired of dealing with this dog. I've dealt with it for three hours today. My dogs don't run free. How 'bout keepin' yours locked up?

When ... using the terminology forward thinking as in Jimmy Carter is forward thinking ... isn't that a ... a acronym for progressive Marxist? ... I guess if you like progressive Marxists. That's what Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are. ... President Barack Obama, that is.

... I, too, would like to see river stages ... bein' put back into the paper. ... It's a convenience to ... to the people that ... fish the rivers and what-have-you. ... Please consider this.

This is in reference to the unruly passenger on Delta Airlines: his religion ... obviously is Jack and Coke or Rum and Coke. Thank you.

Congratulations, Governor Neal. My name is Phyllis Purcell and I live in a small town in Claxton, Georgia, and I've been waiting for this historic moment for you to finally sign the immigration law into Georgia. ... I am very happy... and I'm very proud of you for doing this because I am a taxpayer and it has been a long time ... for this historic moment and I am so glad that you have finally done something to ... help the taxpayers in our lives and in ... United States alone.

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