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May 17 - Pre-k students needed at Nevils Elementary. I'm a parent. I understand that Nevils need
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Pre-k students needed at Nevils Elementary. ... I'm a parent. ... I understand that Nevils needs more 4 year-olds and 5 year-olds to get registered ... so they can keep their pre-k class. Please help by spreadin' the word.

Delete - Merge Up    To the football mom in Portal ... coaches do not get players scholarships. Players get their own self col ... scholarships. ... Regardless of who the coach at Portal is, the player should be fine with his own ability.

Concerning Jessica, an illegal alien ... and student in Kennesaw State University, how dare she and six others demand greater access to higher education by sitting down in Atlanta. ... She doesn't want attention. She asks, 'Why me?' ... She's illegal! She broke the law! Come on! Let's get with it, guys!

Obama sure loves the spotlight concerning bin Laden. ... He had the info and drug his feet for months. ... If it weren't for the insistence of Leon Panetta, General Patraeus and Hillary Clinton ... and the Navy SEALS, of course, bin Laden would still be alive and well in Pakistan.

I think when the price of oil comes down ... that the price at the gas pump is supposed to come down, not go up. ... Our gas pump people here in Statesboro seem to have it wrong.

In 1937, I lived in Memphis and I was 13 years old. ... I remember standin' on a bus downtown Memphis and I saw a ... house float by. ... I also remember ... that the newspaper, The Memphis Commercial Appeal ... had big, bold headlines, 'Looters will be shot on sight'. ... That same headline would work today at the Mexican border. 'Trespassers will be shot on sight'.

To all you people who think you are beating the sistant ... system on gov'ment assistance. ... Don't you realize you will never get ahead? ... You may get by. You may not be hungry ... but that is as far as you get unless you get a real job.

I wonder when Bulloch County is gonna put rumble strips on the other side of Arcola Road and Highway 46. How many more accidents or deaths is it gonna take before they do somethin' about that horribly dangerous intersection that I have to go through ... five days a week.

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