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May 11 - "Northlake answer: you are right about the cats. ... However, feeding them doesn't cause r
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Northlake answer: you are right about the cats. ... However, feeding them doesn't cause reproduction. It's the lack of them being spayed. Twenty years ago someone put out a litter of black and white kittens near the railroad drain ... where they took shelter and began to multiply. Many were adopted, but few were spayed. ... Our lady lives on the lake. This is her neighborhood. She has adopted several and spayed several of the cats, as have I. She can't adopt or spay them all, so she feeds them. If you have a positive suggestion about the cat problem, please post again and let's organize an effort. I'm sure our lady would want to help.

I once saw a live euthanasia on TV. That dog didn't commit a crime. He didn't murder anyone. ... Nobody loved him enough to save him. ... Jesus loved you enough to give His life for you. ... Adopt a pet and receive faithful love in return. Love God and one another. Remember, love does no wrong.

I would like to request that the garden clubs of Statesboro ... put pressure on the city/county governments ... so that they would landscape and beautify ... the bypass. ... ugly when you comes to Statesboro ... to visit or to go to the college ... and hafta look at the median ... on Statesboro's bypass. Good luck.

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