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May 1 - ... I just seen in the paper where ... Nathan Deal signed the requirement drug test to get b
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... I just seen in the paper where ... Nathan Deal signed the requirement drug test to get benefits. ... This is somethin' should have happened years ago. ... We've got so many illegal immigrants or different people that are just applyin' and gettin' ... benefits that spend it on drugs and other people that need benefits are unable to get 'em. I think this was wonderful. We need to make some more changes similar to this.

... I was wonderin' why the ... child abuse people keep putting those pinwheels and sparklers in front of our Confederate monument. ... I know that it's illegal to put anything in front of that monument that distracts from the purpose of the monument. ... And they are breakin' the law ... and they need to cease and desist ... and move those pinwheels to some other location. ... They're offendin' the people of Bulloch County and offending the memory of our grandfathers. ... And the public does not appreciate it. ... We're supportive ... but, we do not appreciate that act ... and they need to discontinue that. Thank you.

I wanna leave a message for the man on Foxlake ... who brings his garbage out front in his underwear. There is ... younger kids and teenagers livin' on the street. Stop doin' it.

You've got to be kidding me. ... Four hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars for a traffic light at the corner of Brampton Avenue and the bypass? ... Four hundred and thirty-four thousand. ... You gotta be kiddin' me.

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