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March 9 - I was noticing in Sunday's paper the four wonderful students that won the Georgia Southe
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I was noticing in Sunday's paper the four ... wonderful students that won the Georgia Southern math tourney. Congratulations to all four of them. They're obviously of Asian descent. I hope they're all citizens because ... the ignorant people in Atlanta ... don't won't you to get an education here in Georgia, but maybe you can go to one of the smart states where they value people that are intelligent. Notice, none of them look like the people around here. Congratulations, kids. I really am proud of you. Go for it!

The Statesboro Herald newspaper ... the Soundoff ... the police report ... in its entirety are a joke.

... I wanna thank the county for that nice new ... boat ramp down at Rocky Ford. ... It was ... well-built and well-thought through. ... And I enjoyed my day fishin'. Thank you.

The flower you see in the fields turnin' the fields purple is called thrift, t-h-r-i-f-t. It's a wildflower and it's not planted on purpose.

I lived in Statesboro all the days of my life. ... And I lived through all the prejudice that came to Statesboro ... from the 50s on up 'til now. ... But Statesboro has really changed. I thought ... we might've got better with the prejudice thang. ... And I'm in my 70s ... and it seems like it's growin'. I don't understand. ... It's not because of our young people don't have jobs. I think it's because our old people ... hasn't stepped down from where they should be ... and let the young people take over.

If we allow Newt Gingrich to be president, we're not doin' us but takin' a step back! He's worse than Obama. ... He's out for the rich and the rich only. ... Look at his record! There ain't nuthin' he ever did for Georgia. So why should we vote for him? Give me a good reason!

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