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March 9 - "I want to thank the two GSU students the adorable couple, who were Good Samaritans to
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I want to thank the two GSU students ... the adorable couple, who were Good Samaritans to me in the Wal-Mart parking lot ... Friday afternoon during that severe storm. ... Out of the kindness of their heart, they came to my aid in the parking lot ... that drenched. ... How great it is that we have GSU students in our community.

I am very concerned about the kids at Portal Middle High having to run ... on that dangerous highway because they don't have a track at the school. It's dangerous and very unfair to them to have to do this. ... Wake up, Bulloch County. It's time to treat all of our students like they matter.

Conservatives say that if you don't give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. ... Then they tell us the poor have lost all incentive because they ... we have given them too much money. Conservatives are totally out of touch with reality.

Regarding the recent annual weekend retreat ... by the Statesboro-Bulloch Chamber of Commerce ... attended by 36 folks ... I'd like to ask why in Augusta? ... If the intent of the chamber is the economic development of Statesboro-Bulloch County ... why spends all of that money ... for that long weekend in Augusta? ... There are many meeting facilities and caterers here who would've loved to have had that work. ... Hey, chamber, let's bring business to Statesboro-Bulloch.

On Tuesday, February 28th, in the 'Do You Remember' section, it reads and I quote, 'In April of 1972, ground was broke.' I think in 1972 it would have been broken.

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