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March 6 - I'm so pleased to know that so many people in Bulloch County trust in God. And I know th
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I'm so pleased to know that so many people in Bulloch County trust in God. ... And I know that by the license plates that say, 'In God We Trust.' ... It's really refreshing to see this. ... And all those ... little stickers are available ... where you get your license plate. ... Thank you.

With the elections comin' up ... re-elect no one. ... Show and demand from Washington that we ... want change. ... And we should get some attention. Thank you.

After readin' about all the mayhem that's been goin' on around Club 46 in Metter, I've got one question. ... Why can't the law just shut that sleazy dive down?

The press is supposed to be the public watchdog. ... But not in Bulloch County. Our county commissioners, board of education and the city of State ... city resident ... board councils are spending many millions of dollars without any watchdog of the press. Voters should be outraged.

Economists, take not. There will be no new clothes, appliances, furniture, et cetera, in our house because the price of the gas at the gas tank is sucking every extra dime we have.

... This is in reference to the person ... that talked about the people who thinks Obama is great. The gasoline is gon' go up ... regard ... of who's ... regardless of who's in office. ... So, he need to shut up and stop bashin' Obama.

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