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March 26 - I wonder if Moammar Gadhafi survives the unrest in his country if he'll promote hims
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I wonder if Moammar Gadhafi survives the unrest in his country ... if he'll ... promote himself to general.

President Obama just appointed two devout Muslims to the Homeland Security ... system ... advisory board. ... That's like askin' the fox to take care of the hen house. I think we've been short-changed.

I hear on the news where they're banning the import of some foods from Japan due to radiation. I can't understand why we're im ... 'porting any food from any foreign country to start with. If our farmers are so productive over here, why do we even have to import food from other countries?

Just a reminder ... for those that don't vote yes for the Sunday alcohol sales ... you are supporting the local bootleggers.

I think the Rocky Ford voters also need to check and see where the money from the kangaroo court goes.

To the caller in Wednesday's Soundoff reference the error with Effingham County's percentage change in last Friday's paper. The percentage change is actually pretty close to correct. ... Figures listed, however, are wrong and are actually Emanuel County's. Effingham's 2000 population was 37,535 and its 2010 population is 52,060. That is a percent change of approximately 39 percent.

I'm 40 years old. I've never been to a town in my life where the traffic signals are as messed up as they are in Statesboro, Ga. Ridiculous! They need some attention.

... This is for the person that delivers the papers in the Brooklet area. ... There's a stop sign ... at ... West Lee and North Cromley. ... Just because you're deliverin' papers don't mean you can slide right through it and ignore the traffic ... laws. ... Kindly slow down a little bit and follow the traffic laws. Thank you. Have a good day.

The caller who said that Senate Bill 10 allows Sunday alcohol sales is wrong. ... The bill allows local areas to vote on having Sunday alcohol sales. It gives us the power to decide rather than the people in Atlanta telling us what to do.

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