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March 17 - I want to say thank you, Statesboro Herald for havin' a feature like Soundoff that'
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

I want to say thank you, Statesboro Herald ... for havin' ... a feature like Soundoff that's free from big brother. ... It's great to know that we have a place where we can voice our opinions and vent our frustrations ... without havin' to worry about one of ... Obama's goon squads kickin' our door in at 2 a.m. ... Thanks again.

Why does the Statesboro Herald fail to cover Statesboro High track and field events? ... They have the third highest attendance of all sports at the high school and between the boys and girls have won more region titles than all other programs combined. ... Please give more coverage to the kids. They deserve it. Thank you.

In Sunday, March 13th, Soundoff, there was a ... statement made about some motel out on 301. ... I have no idea about the hotel and no connection with it, but I think the statement was ... potentially libelous. ... And I'm amazed that the Statesboro Herald chose to publish it. ... If this person wants to complain about ... scrap metal, drugs and ... prostitutes ... they ought to call the police and not Soundoff and hide behind ... the veil of no name and get used in your paper.

The new 'Welcome to Statesboro' sign in front of Gnat's Landing looks great. What a nice welcome to our main street. But what a shame the welcoming sights are that shameful Eagle Inn, ugly Factory Tire Outlet, out of business Jumbo Buffet, Taco Bell and Shoney's and even worse, the tacky, tacky decrepit Parker Apartments! Way to go! Welcome to Statesboro!

... I was just wonderin' does anyone know the percentage of cases that are actually won ... by ... public defenders when prosecuted ... when they are arrested by the sheriff or the police department? ... How many actual cases are won by the public defender?

... This is to the people who live in the rental house in Pretoria Station, Whistlestop Circle. ... The first house on the right. Clean up that crap in yo driveway! ... You make the whole subdivision look bad. ... This is what happens when newcomers come in ... and they don't know the rules ... of the homeowners association. Clean up that crap in yo driveway! It's disgustin'!

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