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March 16 - The re the reason crime is so prevalent around here is that the criminals don't really
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The re ... the reason crime is so prevalent around here is that the criminals don't really have anything to fear from the law. ... All they ever get is a slap on the wrist and a 'don't do that again' from some kindly but senile ol' judge. ... How 'bout some real prison time for those heatherns for a change?

Okay. Just went by the new buildin' over behind the RAC at Georgia Southern University. Now tell me, is this buildin' owned by Georgia Southern or is it ... Brewton Parker ... Savannah State or Auburn University? Because there's orange all over the place. Thought Georgia Southern was yellow and gold or blue. ... Is this ... bein' alumni, this is ... this is kinda ... upsettin'. ... Someone needs to change this.

... I'd like to know who the idiot is who ... programs the traffic light in the center of town? It last five minutes on north and south ... and 30 seconds on east and west.

Well, once again we realize that ... in the beginning there was no doubt ... that constituted a family was male and female. ... That's what it takes to be able to have family, to reproduce. And in 2011 ... a complete family is ... male and female. ... That ... way they can have children ... and ... move on. Anything other than that is not a family.

I'd like to know who the idiots are that burned off all the stuff on Burkhalter Road. ... Smokes so bad over there you can't hardly breathe. Been that way all weekend. ... Understand one of 'em is a county commissioner. ... They oughtta be hung.

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